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Innovative Auto Fort Collins, CO

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Mustang Cobra Head Light Repair Restoration

Jeep Grand Cherokee Head Light Restoration


Our Headlamp Restoration is not only a great value, but it also increases the value of your vehicle! Headlamp replacement typically costs anywhere from $50 a piece to $1,500 a piece, without the cost of installation!

Our Headlamp Restoration process is able to create nearly perfect results for a small fraction of the price of replacement! 

Our Prices

Single Headlamps:

– A Single, Lightly Oxidized Head lamp is $30.00

– A Single, Heavily Oxidized Head lamp is $40.00


– A Pair of Lightly Oxidized Head Lamps is $50.00

– A Pair Of Heavily Oxidized Head Lamps is $60.00

Fog Lamps:

Single $10.00

Pair $15.00

Some Head Lamps cost extra, based on size and complexity.

Mazda 3 Head light Restoration


While other places may offer “Head Light Buffing” for a bargain price, and cheap kits are availiable at stores, these “solutions” aren’t always able to fix the issue, the end result is usually disappointing, and rarely is the restoration permanent.

Our Headlamp Restorations are performed by McCall Reconditioning, a local professional restoration vendor in Northern Colorado. . 

We’re so confident in our restorations, that we offer a 1 Year Warranty!

Head Lamp/ Head Light Restoration

Yellowed and cloudy head lights age a car’s appearance dramatically, and severely reduce night time visibility. Replacement of head light assemblies can cost hundreds of dollars. Fortunately, our repairs will restore your car’s appearance and night time visibility, but for a fraction of the cost!

Restoring your Head Lamps not only drastically improves the look of your vehicle, but it also restores your night time visibility, creating a safer vehicle for you and your family to drive.

Clouded and Yellowed lenses do not properly  allow for the light beam to pass through the lens, drastically reducing your night time visibility. Our Headlamp Restoration process is able to remove the cloudy and yellowed plastic and keep it away for good! 

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