Headlight Restoration Pros Discount Program

Welcome to the Headlight Restoration Pros Discount Program,

We are happy to help you save money on headlight restoration service by partnering with participating shops in the directory. Here is how the discount program works:

Enter your location in the search bar on the home page, or click here, then simply look for the HRP logo in the upper right hand corner of the listings displayed in the search results. If you see the HRP logo displayed,simply click on the HRP logo above the listing to print the coupon for a free headlight lens inspection and 20% discount off the standard rate or quote.*

Substantial discount for fixing your faded headlamps.

Save money restoring your ugly, dim, cloudy headlights with the Headlight Restoration Pros Discount Program!

Driving at night is a whole different world than driving in the daytime. Having properly working headlamps assures that you can clearly see whats immediately coming your way including animals, pedestrians, jaywalkers, stranded motorists, tree branches, etc.

There are other reasons why maintaining your vehicle’s headlights benefits you and your passengers. For example, other drivers will see you coming much sooner if your headlamps are working properly.

In addition to the many safety reasons, your vehicle resell value will also be higher if you maintain the plastic headlamp lens. Using a professional headlight restoration service can really make a difference in your vehicle’s appearance!

We are glad we can help you restore your dim, cloudy, (ugly) looking headlights to a like new condition. Plus you and your loved ones will all be safer!

Please check your headlights to see if your vehicle may need headlight lens restoration service. Also, please check your family and friends vehicle’s headlights as well. This directory is exclusively for people that need headlight restoration service and again, we are glad we can help! Please tell others about this headlight restoration discount program. Thank you!

*Each shop is independently owned and operated. Some restrictions may apply. Look for the HRP seal above listing to print coupon. It is best to confirm with the shop ahead of time that you wish to use the HRP Discount program.

Get 20% Off Headlight Restoration, Plus Free Lens Inspection