How to make money, quickly, easily, in your spare time with this simple, easy to do service which could put 30 to 90 dollars an hour of CASH into your pocket.


66 Year Old Retired Pilot, (Driving His Wife Crazy at Home)

Discovers A Simple Method That Makes $30.00 to $90.00 An CASH...and

Gets Him Out of the House, Lets Him Meet New People, Have Fun. He Says:

"If an Old Fat Fellow like me can do it, almost anyone can." THE BOZ

Today's VICIOUS economy created by corrupt Wall Street and Gridlock Politics has created many victims...

You need to protect yourself and combat their economy with your own secret CASH flow. Here's how:

You are about to discover one of the easiest how-to-make-money methods out there. PERIOD.

This is a brand new service which taps into a Multi-Billion Dollar recession proof market. Be the first in your area to tap into your local market.

It is a simple service which can put an extra $30.00, $60.00 and even $90.00 an hour in cash right into your pocket.

Some people seek money-making opportunities because they have to, they need the money. They have become victims of this crazy economy created by greed, corruption and political chaos.

IF you have been downsized, fired, put out of work...lost part of your retirement when the banks cheated and then got bailed out...or if you do NOT have a CASH source going...

and you are seeking a realistic, doable, money-making opportunity, then please read this carefully.

Or if you are like Boz, a retired pilot sitting at home getting on his wife's nerves, you're going to love this.

Boz stumbled upon one of the simplest, easiest and neatest ways to make some fast cash. He calls it his personal ATM. His personal ATM is cleaning car headlights.

"Almost anyone can do it." he says.

You simply clean car headlights for people who need it, want it and quickly and willingly PAY for it.

It is an immediate and automatic CASH transaction.

There is virtually no selling, minimal people contact, and cold hard cash at the end of your work day (normally about 3-4 hours a day), but work longer if you want.

Boz spent a year perfecting his entire process of cleaning headlights which included testing various MARKETING stratgies and discovering how to get maximum profits in the least time.

His tested and proven method for actually cleaning and polishing headlamps is so unique, he is having it trademarked. He calls it the Boz OFF process.


HI, my name is Gordon Jay Alexander.

I'm a money-making, business-opportunity investigator.

I have scoured the Internet and traveled the country looking for decent, realistic and DOABLE money-making ideas.

I look for (and YOU should too) the people who are actually doing things and really making money, guys like Boz, who lives in the Southwestern United States.

I flew to El Paso, TX to meet Boz because I wanted the details on this NEW cash-cow money-maker, and he was willing to give them to me on a few conditions:

  1. His identity and exact location remain unknown.
  2. That he not be contacted by other people from my interview.
  3. That I help him write an A-to-Z manual on how others can do it too.

I agreed to all of his conditions. So here we are.

Boz cleans headlights on cars.

Over the last year he has averaged over 35 dollars an hour doing it and frequently hits 90 dollars an hour. With a helper, he goes over 100 bucks an hour.

  • Between October 10, 2011 and October 16, I stood right next to Boz and recorded every detail of his operation.
  • He worked about 3 hours a day. He did 34 cars that week. Boz calls himself an Old Fat Fellow...younger guys can work more hours and, of course, make much more money.
  • He took in $780.00 including tips
  • The week I observed him in action, he averaged $43.33 an hour and there was a lot of chit-chat time with me.
  • AND GET THIS: One day, Boz was taking a little break, resting his eyes, and I heard a little snoring...then a car horn...imagine a customer having to wake you up to give you money. And he gave Boz a ten dollar tip to boot.
  • It isn't hard, it isn't rocket science; Boz sits on a stool and cleans a pair of headlights in about 18 minutes on average.
  • He did NO advertising,
    • ran NO ads,
      • and most of his business was drive-up, ASKING for his service and prices...and most had it done right then.

43 bucks an hour isn't too shabby for an OLD FAT FELLOW, is it?

A more motivated person could easily make an extra $1,000.00 in cash every week, if he wanted to...and with that kind of cash coming in, you could tell both Wall Street and Washington politicians to "go jump in the lake".

Boz has days where he takes home $ 200.00 or more for his little cash-cow of a service. And it is all cash too. With PART-TIME effort.


In my 40 years of investigating Money Making Opportunities, I can't recall anything that makes this much profit for the low-cost investment this little money-maker does.

You could get into this service for less than 100 dollars and easily make that back your first day.

Of course you know how lucrative the auto care market is, right?

It is a Multi-Billion Dollar Industry .

LOOK, with today's economy, people are holding on to their cars longer, taking care of them and this benefits you, when you are involved in the auto after-care marketplace.

Now think about this;

A 30+ dollar an HOUR money maker...

which you may be able to start for less than 100 dollars.

AND make your investment back in less than 2 hours. Sweet, isn't it?

Boz and I think so.

The brand new part to cleaning headlights is the mobility. Boz goes to his customers, they no longer have to go to a detail shop to have this done and when he sets up at car washes, his automatic marketing method creates many impulse buys.

How many of these instant cash money-makers do you know about?

Boz and I have created a FAST START completely detailed manual which gives you all the details on how to get started making-money with this service.

Do you want a sneak peek?

Here is one video from the manual, of Boz making another fast $25 in just a few minutes...

It is like having Boz right there with you guiding you through every part of the OFF ™ Process.

Inside this complete A-to-Z MANUAL, you will discover:

  • The BEST locations.
  • The locations to avoid.
  • Best time of the week to maximize profits.
  • The tools you will need.
  • The secret "sauces" to use for a fast and professional job.
  • The Step-by-Step Process for cleaning.
  • Actual transcript of Boz's 10 second offer. He tells you what to say and what NOT to say to potential customers.
  • Audios of Boz making his offer.

Look, we know you can go to Walmart and buy a kit to clean headlights. You could easily start doing it the same way Boz does in the OFF ™ Process video...he perfected it. You could start this business today, probably with what you have in your garage and toolbox and a stop at Walmart.

"Very comprehensive; Just about anyone who really wants to do it, can do it." Ron in New Mexico...

"The manual is quite interesting (and comical). Good pictures." Don in Texas...

"I find it extremely interesting! The video clips are really helpful...even the ones with just your voice showing how to approach a person. I am excited about getting this started by spring time at the latest." Susan in Ontario, Canada...

So, why do you need this manual?


Because the most important part of the manual is the experience Boz has acquired over the last year including the 3 simple keys to getting customer. These keys are:

ONE: Instant and Automatic NO COST Marketing to get customers.

TWO: 10 second sales pitch, with no selling involved.

THREE: The Happy Guy "Can't Lose Game".

Sure, the manual shows you how to clean headlights, just like the video shows you the OFF ™ Process.

The reason why you should get the manual is; it shows you how to make the money.

As with most services it is getting a paying customer which is the real important information...information often left out of many how to make money reports.

The value of the manual is in the year of tested, proven and perfected MARKETING techniques along with the tested and proven OFF ™ Process and the SECRET Sauces Boz has spent a year discovering.

We know many people think they can clean the headlight. Boz has done many jobs after people have tried. You may think you can clean the headlight, but you don't yet know the secret sauces and more importantly how to get customers. So sure, you could clean the headlight, maybe...

But can you MARKET the service?

If you already know how to do that...then thanks for reading and perhaps a nice "thank you Gordon" would be in order for giving you a great money-making opportunity.

You are welcome.

IF, however, you want some support, guidance and a tested, proven and effective way to get the customers...then the manual is what you want.

We believe the how to get customers section is worth 10 times the cost of the manual. It took Boz a year to get it right. And the "guerrilla" videos shot on location and at the Boz Ranch give you the feeling of being there looking over Boz's shoulder.

The video HOW-TO guides provide you with a complete get started TODAY method.

I can testify to the accuracy of the numbers because I was THERE, right next to him, and even learned how to do it myself. I could (and very well may) take this service anywhere and start making cash the day I set up shop, which is nothing more than a small plastic tool box and some tools and "sauces".

But here I must give YOU the reader a warning:

IF you know yourself well enough and KNOW you won't do it, can't do it, or simply are your time and money and don't bother with this, it is not for you.

Here is what it takes to make a good hourly chunk of CASH:

YOU will be sitting on a stool, using a cordless drill and some secret sauces to get off the grime on headlights. It isn't hard, but it requires concentration and a perfected technique.

It is something you can learn to do well in less than an hour.

The manual is not only a complete step-by-step details of the process, but we've given you every answer we could think of to questions you may have.

And if you have a question that is not answered in the manual, simply pick up the phone and call me, my cell number is in the manual and you are welcome to call anytime.


OK, let's have a look at what a typical 6 day work week might look like, and keep in mind, Boz says he is OLD, and FAT, claims to be a slow moving fellow (I'll keep my opinion of his personal assessment to myself, HA!).

YOU, hopefully, are in better shape and eager to earn fast cash. These are just a few ideas, but THINK about how many of these places there are.

Monday. In the morning visit used auto lots to do their new arrivals including from the auction houses. You could have several lots under contract and this alone could make you a full-time living.

Tuesday. Set up at a couple of auto repair facilities, one in the morning and one in afternoon. Although this is an all cash business for the most part, Boz does accept local checks and when he joint ventures with an auto shop, they just add the charge to the credit/debit card and pay Boz in cash at the end of his jobs.

Wednesday. Do a remote at an Oil Change place, or Tire Place. You can do the lights when they are done with the oil change.

Thursday. Remote "at-their-office" day, where you could cater to doctors, dentists, lawyers and other professionals. YOU go to them, for an additional charge, of course.

Friday. A good day for automatic car washes, and also for detailing shops.

Saturday. Do it yourself car washes which Boz refers to as his personal ATM. Anytime Boz wants to go shopping, he simply stops at his favorite car wash and "withdraws" the amount he wants.

LOOK, Boz lives in a small town of about 30,000 people and has no problem locating cars in need of this service. IF you live in a larger town or city, and if so inclined, you could be doing this full-time and probably be charging higher rates than Boz does.

    • you could joint venture with used car dealers,
    • auto repair shops,
    • muffler replacement centers,
    • auto detailing sites,
    • car washes,
    • tire places,
    • auto paint locations,
    • windshield repair and tinting businesses...

Heck, in a bigger city I could think of all kinds of other joint ventures.

  • And Boz is doing it without ANY marketing
  • NO advertising
  • Not a dime on flyers or business cards and he does NOTHING online

In my professional opinion, he not only is an Old Fat Fellow, he is one-lazy guy to boot. But, he's paid his dues and deserves a break, he's doing this because he loves doing it...not because he has been a victim of this vicious economy.

I believe if you can use the Interent, advertise on Craigslist, get some business cards, do a little promotion, give away a few FREE jobs to restaurant owners and radio stations for gifts on their remote locations...

Donate a few jobs to a local charity event...

Just do some damn simple promotion, I can see this little part-time cash cow becoming a heck of a good business opportunity...

But Boz is one of those "fly-low and collect-the-dough" type of guys.

He wants the CASH in his pocket, thank you very much, without any fanfare.

Fair enough.

I'm just saying, if YOU wanted to make an effort, there isn't any reason you couldn't grow this into a substantial business. Do you think dirty car headlights are going away any time soon? HA!

But you too may be one of those "fly-low and collect-the-dough" type of people.

This isn't only for the FELLOWS (fat, old or otherwise)...I have a very strong hunch if a woman started doing this she'd have more business than she could handle, probably have to hire helpers.

OK. What don't you understand about this money-maker?

What questions might you have?

IF you don't GET IT, or want to ask a specific question or two, then simply email Dien Rice with your question. Be sure to put BOZ in the subject header of the email you send.

I do get a lot of email, this will allow me to get back to you quickly with the answers to your questions.

IF YOU HAVE ANY QUESTIONS REGARDING THIS BRAND NEW MANUAL, email Dien Rice at he'll be glad to answer your questions BEFORE you buy.

If you too want to make up to 90 dollars an hour by cleaning car headlights, and you want to know the how-to details from a guy who has been doing it for over a year, perfecting his ways and techniques which allow him maximum profit from minimum TIME...

AND, you understand this is a money maker which requires you leave your home and interact with people and do some physical work, not hard, but holding onto a small cordless drill with a buffer on it...

AND that doesn't scare you off...then get your copy of this NEW MANUAL now.



If you are anything like I was...

An old guy getting fatter by the day, sitting around depressed, wishing I knew a way to make a few extra bucks to make my retirement more FUN...

Then my advice is to get off your ass and put the information in this manual to use.

I guarantee you'll be glad you did. There is nothing like reaching into your pocket at the end of a few hours of easy "work" and pulling out a big sweaty wad of twenties, tens and five dollar bills which you didn't have in the morning.

I consider headlight cleaning as my personal ATM. If I need cash on the way to shopping at Walmart, I just set up at the car wash, and "withdraw" as much cash as I need.

I'm having a ball doing this. I'm meeting lots of people, and even losing weight all while getting paid cold hard cash to do it. I am one happy guy.

BOZ, "The Headlight Guy"

PS. I've lost 38 pounds so far, am having a ball, and have cash to give to the wife...who is not so annoyed anymore.


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